Author Alex Sanchez on How Books Can Save Lives

I began to receive emails from readers. Some said the protagonists had become their role models. Others said they’d read the book over and over when they felt lonely and afraid.

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Author Malinda Lo on the Impact of Books

I do believe that if I had had access to LGBT stories when I was a teen, my own coming-out experience would have been much easier. But when I wrote Ash, I didn’t write it to fill the gap in school libraries; I wrote it to fill the gap inside me.

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Creating a Safe Environment

LGBTQ teens are finding the courage to come out of the closet. Tragically, as many as 25% of these teens are rejected by their families, and many end up homeless on the streets.

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Author Laura Preble: Would You Hide?

The answer, to me, was clear. Show a world where straight people couldn’t love other straight people. How would it feel? What would you do? Would you deny who you are? Would you change for your parents?

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Author Sara Ryan on LGBT Literature

Even going into the women's bookstore required a certain amount of bravery. By walking in, I was acknowledging my interest in the stories on offer. In a sense, I had to be out before I could find the stories that might have helped me come out.

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Author Nancy Garden on Redefining LGBT Literature

I vowed to write a gay book someday that would end happily and would show that we aren't sick, evil monsters. It took me many years, but I finally wrote Annie on My Mind.

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Help donate books to schools and youth homeless shelters.

Welcome to The Make It Safe Project

Our Mission

The Make It Safe Project donates books about sexual orientation and gender identity to schools and youth homeless shelters nationwide and abroad.

The Need

8 of 10 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender teens are verbally harassed in school. In fact, many only hear “gay” when it is being used in the phrase, “That’s so gay.”

The Goal

The Make It Safe Project aims to give all teens access to resources about sexual orientation and gender identity. All teens should have a place to turn to for help.

The Impact

The Make It Safe Project has given more than 120,000 teens access to books about sexual orientation and gender identity nationwide and abroad.