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I Know, Son

800px Pershing Middle School

Thanksgiving, 2010  “Hey, Mom- there’s something I need to tell you.” She knows what I’m going to say, and she begins to tear up. “I’m gay.” There’s a pause, then she runs forward and grabs me, holding me close.“I know, son. I know. I love you.”   It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was terrifying. Extremely terrifying. I remember it …

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Will You Be That Person?


Founding my school’s Gay-Straight Alliance was a long and difficult process, but it was definitely worth it. I never knew what a GSA was until I learned about them online. I thought it was a GSA was an awesome idea so I did some research on what types of things to do with a GSA and how to go about …

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Constant Anti-Gay Language


by Carly F. Living in a very conservative community in Arizona, I found a lot of resistance trying to implement any program in my K-8 school to fix the constant use of anti-gay language that’s used there. After talking with both my school principal and the district superintendent, who made it known that they were against bringing anything focused on …

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A Place to Turn To

800px Children About To Board The School Bus Thibodaux Louisiana

I came out at the beginning of this year (my senior year), and I was desperately looking for some place I could turn to for answers. Since there was no Gay-Straight Alliance at my school and no organizations near me I was pretty much on my own other than a few friends who had limited knowledge on the subject. I …

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